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The serpentine granite monument has become the most common monument seen in most cemeteries across the world. Its simplistic style make it a great monument for basic designs to one of a kind monuments. This memorial can be customized to you liking, with a number of different designs, font styles and emblems. Let the team at Infinity Monuments help you design a memorial that symbolizes your loved one.
Granite has been used in cemeteries for hundreds of years and has proven itself more durable than the previously used material of marble. Granite is much stronger and durable to ensure your memorial will last hundreds of years to come.
Adding a Picture: We can add a porcelain portrait to your memorial as well. Our porcelain portraits have a lifetime guarantee to never fade, crack or break.
Special Emblem: Was your loved on involved in a special organization, occupation or hobby? We offer hundreds of unique emblems to add to your memorial to help capture the story of your loved one. Even if we do not have an emblem on file, our artisans are able to make a unique and beautiful emblem just for you.
The Cemetery: Not every cemetery will allow upright memorials in their cemeteries. While many still do, it is important to know the cemetery’s rules and regulations. We will be sure to contact your cemetery to confirm we abide by all their rules and regulations before selling your a memorial.